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Hotel Aaculaax

Suites and Rooms - Mirador (The Lookout)

Mirador bedroom

The Mirador is our “Honeymoon Suite,” but for most, it exceeds the usual notions of beauty and luxury. The Mirador has a fantastic view of the lake and volcanoes, a downstairs living area with bar/kitchen, huge terrace, a stunning bedroom with double bed and an open-air bathroom complete with hot tub, built right into the mountain.  The view from every corner is spectacular.

Early morning risers enjoy the incredible sunrise and morning birds, but the setting of the sun and the stars coming out at night are just as fabulous. The Mirador is nestled into the rocks of the mountain, and is, in itself, one of our favorite works of art at Aaculaax.

If you are disabled or have small children, this may not be the room for you. There are about 60 stairs to get to this amazing room.

Mirador bathroom

(Double Bed, Terrace, Living Room, Bar & Kitchen with Refrigerator & Open Air Bathroom with Bathtub)

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Mirador terrace Mirador stairs mirador room front

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