How Many People Stay in Hotels in Colombia?

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How Many People Stay in Hotels in Colombia?

Colombia is a beautiful country that’s getting more visitors every year. People come to see its colorful cities, mountains, and beaches. When they visit, many stay in hotels. Let’s look at how many people visit hotels in Colombia and why they are coming.

Tourism Is Growing in Colombia

Tourism in Colombia is booming. Thanks to better safety and more people talking about how great Colombia is, more travelers from other countries and Colombians themselves are exploring the country. Hotels are getting busier because there are more visitors.

Who Stays in Hotels in Colombia?

Each year, Colombia welcomes almost 4 millions of visitors from other countries. A lot of these visitors stay in hotels. But it’s not just visitors from other countries. Many Colombians also stay in hotels when they travel to different parts of their own country, especially during holidays like Christmas or when schools are closed for vacation.

Popular Places for Hotel Stays

1. Bogotá: As the capital city, Bogotá sees a large number of both international and domestic visitors. The city’s hotels cater to a wide range of travelers, including business visitors, which significantly contributes to its high occupancy rates.

2. Cartagena: Known for its beautiful colonial architecture and Caribbean coast, Cartagena is perhaps the most famous tourist city in Colombia. Its hotels often report higher occupancy, especially during the peak tourist seasons.

3. Medellín: Once known for its turbulent past, Medellín has transformed into a hub of culture and innovation, attracting many visitors who seek its moderate climate and vibrant festivals.

How Seasons and Events Affect Hotel Visits

Hotels get more visitors during special times and festivals. For example, Medellín’s Flower Festival and Barranquilla’s Carnival make hotels busier. Holidays also mean more people staying in hotels as they travel to be with family or friends.

Hotels After COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic made fewer people travel, so hotels had fewer guests. But things are getting better. Travel is starting again, and hotels are making sure everything is clean and safe. This is helping more people feel okay about staying in hotels again.

In Summary

It’s hard to say exactly how many people stay in hotels in Colombia because it changes a lot. But hotels are a big part of tourism in Colombia. They’re where many visitors stay when they come to see the country. Whether people are looking for adventure, a quiet break, or to learn about a new culture, hotels in Colombia are a main part of their trip.

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