Who Owns Omni Hotels? Understanding the Ownership and Growth

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When traveling for business or leisure, one often encounters various hotel brands, each with its unique style and service offerings. Omni Hotels & Resorts is a name that frequently comes up, especially in the United States, known for its upscale accommodations and personalized guest experiences. However, have you ever wondered who owns Omni Hotels? In this article, we will explore the ownership, history, and current status of this popular hotel chain.

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The Ownership of Omni Hotels

Omni Hotels & Resorts is owned by a company called TRT Holdings, Inc. This is a private company, which means it’s not listed on the stock market and is owned by a small number of people or an organization. TRT Holdings is based in Dallas, Texas, United State and it handles a variety of businesses, not just hotels. The founder of TRT Holdings is Robert Rowling, a businessman from Texas who bought Omni Hotels in 1996.

A Brief History of Omni Hotels

Omni Hotels started in 1958. At first, it was a small group of hotels, and it grew slowly. Everything changed in 1996 when TRT Holdings bought the hotel chain. With the new ownership, Omni Hotels began to expand more quickly. They started renovating old hotels and building new ones, spreading their reach across the United States, and even into Canada and Mexico.

Today, Omni Hotels & Resorts has over 50 hotels. Each hotel is designed to fit in with the local area, offering guests a taste of the local culture along with luxury and comfort.

How Omni Hotels Grew Under New Ownership

After TRT Holdings bought Omni Hotels, they focused on making the hotels better and more luxurious. They spent money on fancy dining options, top-notch spa facilities, and modern spaces for meetings and events. Omni Hotels became known for these high-quality amenities.

Another important area for Omni Hotels is using technology to improve how guests experience their stay. From easy check-ins to fast Wi-Fi, they try to make everything smooth and modern.

Omni Hotels’ Commitment to the Environment and Community

Omni Hotels doesn’t just care about being a successful business; they also focus on helping the environment and the communities around them. They have programs to cut down on waste, save water, and use less energy. This helps the planet and shows guests that Omni cares about more than just profits.

The hotel chain also gets involved in local charities and community projects. This is part of their effort to give back to the places where their hotels are located.

What This Means for You

If you choose to stay at an Omni hotel, you’re choosing a place that offers luxury and cares about the local culture and environment. Behind the scenes, TRT Holdings ensures that Omni Hotels can keep offering great service while also being a good neighbor in their communities.


Omni Hotels & Resorts, that is owned by TRT Holdings, Inc., has grown from a small hotel chain into a significant player in the hospitality industry. Omni has expanded its portfolio, embraced innovation, and committed to sustainability and community service. For travelers looking for a touch of luxury combined with genuine local experiences, Omni Hotels & Resorts offers an appealing choice, backed by a strong and stable ownership structure.

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