Unveiling the Age of Charlie Morningstar from Hazbin Hotel

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Charlie from Hazbin Hotel

Hazbin Hotel, the adult animated web series created by Vivienne Medrano, also known as VivziePop, has captured the imaginations of many with its unique characters and bold storytelling. Set in Hell, the series follows Charlie, the princess of Hell, as she ambitiously tries to rehabilitate demons to reduce overpopulation. One of the frequently asked questions by fans revolves around the age of the protagonist, Charlie. This article explores everything you need to know about Charlie’s age, character background, and the creative decisions behind her development.

Who is Charlie?

Charlie also known as Charlie Morningstar

Charlie, also known as Charlie Morningstar, is a character from a show called Hazbin Hotel. She’s the princess of Hell, which is like being a queen but younger. Charlie is super nice and wants to help everyone. She started a hotel in Hell to give demons a chance to become better and maybe go to Heaven. She’s really friendly and always tries to see the good in people, even if they’ve done bad things. And she’s got big dreams to make her hotel a place where demons can change and be happy.

Exploring Charlie’s Age

Charlie from Hazbin Hotel

Charlie from Hazbin Hotel is a character who looks young, like she’s in her 20s, but she’s actually way older. She’s over 200 years old! Time in Hell, where the show takes place, is different from time on Earth. So even though Charlie has been around for a couple of centuries, she still looks and acts young. It’s a cool part of the story because it shows that in her world, age doesn’t really work the same way it does for us.

Character Design and Maturity

Charlie’s character design in Hazbin Hotel is a blend of classic cartoon and modern animation styles. She has a unique look that combines a playful and whimsical appearance with a mature and sophisticated demeanor. Her design reflects her personality: she’s the princess of Hell, but she’s not your typical princess. She’s got big dreams and a big heart, and she’s determined to make a difference.

Her maturity is not just about her age, which is over 200 years old, but also about her outlook on life and her responsibilities. Despite her youthful appearance, Charlie shows a level of maturity in her mission to rehabilitate sinners and her approach to running the Hazbin Hotel. She’s optimistic and kind, but she’s also serious about her goal to help others and prove that redemption is possible, even in Hell.

The evolution of her character design over time also hints at her growth. From early concept art to the current design, Charlie has become more refined and detailed, which mirrors her development as a character. She’s a complex character with a design that captures both her playful spirit and her mature aspirations.

Role and Responsibilities

Charlie, the princess of Hell, has a big job in Hazbin Hotel. She’s the boss of her own hotel, the Hazbin Hotel, and she’s got a dream to turn bad demons into good ones. Her plan is to help these demons get better so they can go to Heaven instead of staying in Hell. She’s all about giving people a second chance and believes that with the right help, anyone can change for the better. Charlie’s got a lot of work to do, but she’s up for the challenge and ready to make her hotel a place where miracles happen.

Creator’s Insight

The creator of Hazbin Hotel, Vivienne Medrano, has shared some cool insights about the show and its characters. She’s a big fan of adult comedy and musical theater, and she wanted to mix those things into an animated series. That’s how Hazbin Hotel was born.

Vivienne loves myths and stories about the afterlife, and she wanted to create her own version of Hell that’s like a big, wild circus. She imagined Hell’s ruler, Lucifer, as a ringleader and based the sins on circus acts. This creative idea set the stage for all the unique characters and their stories in Hazbin Hotel.

When it comes to Charlie, the main character, Vivienne wanted to give a fresh take on Hell’s princess. Charlie is all about trying to make things better in Hell and believes in giving everyone a chance to change. Vivienne’s vision for Charlie was to make her a strong, kind-hearted leader who really cares about her kingdom and its people.

So, Vivienne’s insight is all about creating a fun, different, and musical world where even demons get a shot at redemption, and Charlie is at the center of it all, trying to make a difference. It’s a story about hope, change, and the power of believing in others, no matter where they are.

Why Charlie’s Age Matters

Charlie’s age in Hazbin Hotel is a big deal for a few reasons:

  1. Experience: Being over 200 years old, Charlie has seen a lot and learned a lot. This makes her wise and gives her a unique view on how to help others in Hell.
  2. Leadership: Her age means she’s been around long enough to understand Hell’s problems. This helps her lead her hotel and try to make big changes.
  3. Relatability: Even though she’s old, she looks young, which makes it easier for other characters (and viewers) to relate to her.
  4. Time in Hell: Time works differently in Hell, so Charlie’s age shows that she’s been committed to her cause for a really long time, even in “Hell years”.
  5. Story Depth: Knowing how old she is adds depth to her story. It makes you wonder what she’s been through and what she’s seen over all those years.

So, Charlie’s age isn’t just a number. It’s a key part of who she is and why she does what she does in Hazbin Hotel.


In conclusion, Charlie from Hazbin Hotel is a character with a rich backstory and a significant role. Despite being over 200 years old, she brings a youthful energy to her mission of redemption in Hell. Her age adds depth to her character, showing that she’s not just a hopeful dreamer but also a seasoned leader with centuries of experience.

Through Charlie, Hazbin Hotel explores themes of redemption, change, and the power of believing in others, no matter their past. She’s a reminder that everyone has the potential for good, and with time and effort, positive change is possible. Charlie’s story is one of hope, and her age underscores the timeless nature of her quest to help others find their way.

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