Does Hazbin Hotel Have More Episodes?

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Since the release of its pilot episode in October 2019, “Hazbin Hotel” has been a topic of intense interest and speculation among fans of animated series. Created by Vivienne “VivziePop” Medrano, the show introduced viewers to a unique, darkly comedic world set in Hell, where the protagonist, Charlie, the princess of Hell, aims to rehabilitate demons to solve Hell’s overpopulation crisis. The pilot episode, which is available on YouTube, has amassed millions of views, leading fans to wonder: Are there more episodes of “Hazbin Hotel”? Here’s everything we know about the future of this intriguing series.

The Pilot Episode: A Standalone Success

As of now, the only episode of “Hazbin Hotel” available is the pilot episode. It was released on VivziePop’s YouTube channel and has since become a viral hit. This single episode introduces us to the main characters and the premise of the series, setting a strong foundation for potential future episodes.

What’s Happening with “Hazbin Hotel”?

After the pilot’s success, there was exciting news: A24, a well-known entertainment company that has produced some popular movies, decided to pick up “Hazbin Hotel” to develop it into a series. This was a big deal because A24 is known for its quality productions. However, despite this partnership, there haven’t been any new episodes released yet, and details about when more episodes might come out are still unclear.

What About Other Related Shows?

While waiting for more “Hazbin Hotel” episodes, fans can enjoy a related show called “Helluva Boss.” This show is also created by VivziePop and is set in the same universe as “Hazbin Hotel.” “Helluva Boss” has several episodes already out, which might interest fans of “Hazbin Hotel” because of the similar style and humor.

How to Stay Updated

For those who are eager to know when new episodes of “Hazbin Hotel” might be released, the best way is to follow the official social media accounts of VivziePop and A24. Any announcements about new episodes, release dates, or other important news will likely be shared there first.


To sum it up, “Hazbin Hotel” currently has just one episode — the pilot. While there has been a promise of more to come, especially with A24’s involvement, no additional episodes have been released yet. Fans should keep an eye on official channels for the latest news and check out “Helluva Boss” in the meantime for something similar. The world of “Hazbin Hotel” is vast and full of potential, and fans are eagerly waiting to see what comes next.

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