Is Philo Free with Amazon Prime? Understanding the Relationship Between the Two

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Is philo free with Amazon prime

In the ever-expanding world of streaming services, it can be challenging to keep track of which platforms are compatible with one another, and which ones offer free or discounted access. One common question that arises is whether the popular live TV streaming service Philo is included as a free add-on with an Amazon Prime subscription.

In this article, we will dive into the relationship between Philo and Amazon Prime, providing you with a clear understanding of whether Philo is truly free when you have an Amazon Prime membership. We will break down the details in simple, easy-to-follow way, so that you can make an informed decision about your streaming options.

By the end of this guide, you will know exactly what to expect when it comes to using Philo alongside your Amazon Prime subscription, helping you make the best choice for your entertainment needs.

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What is Philo?

Before we explore the connection between Philo and Amazon Prime, let’s briefly review what Philo is.

Philo is a live TV streaming service that offers a selection of popular cable channels, such as AMC, Comedy Central, Discovery, and MTV, among others. Unlike some other live TV streaming platforms, Philo is known for its relatively low-cost subscription, making it an attractive option for cord-cutters looking to save money.

Philo is available as a standalone subscription, with plans starting at $25 per month. This provides access to the service’s full channel lineup and features, including the ability to stream live TV, record shows for later viewing, and access on-demand content.

Is Philo Free with Amazon Prime?

Now, to the main question at hand: is Philo free with an Amazon Prime subscription?

The short answer is no, Philo is not included for free with an Amazon Prime membership. Amazon Prime is a separate subscription service offered by Amazon, and it does not automatically provide access to the Philo live TV platform.

While Amazon Prime does offer a variety of streaming content and add-on services, Philo is not one of them. Philo is a standalone service that requires its own separate subscription, regardless of whether you have an Amazon Prime account or not.

So, if you want to use Philo, you’ll need to sign up for a Philo subscription, which will come with an additional monthly cost on top of your Amazon Prime membership.

How to watch philo on Amazon prime video

If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber and you’re interested in watching Philo, you might be curious about how to combine the two services. Philo is not included for free with Amazon Prime, but you can still watch Philo on your devices using the Amazon Prime Video app. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Sign Up for Philo: First, you need to have a Philo subscription. Philo offers a subscription service that you can sign up for on their website. They often offer a free trial, so you can try it before you pay for it.

2. Go to Amazon Prime Video: Once you have your Philo subscription, open your Amazon Prime Video app. You can do this on any device that supports the app, like your smart TV, streaming device, smartphone, or tablet.

2. Find Philo in Prime Video Channels: In the Amazon Prime Video app, go to the ‘Channels‘ section. Here, you can browse through different channel subscriptions that you can add to your Prime Video account.

4. Subscribe to Philo through Amazon: In the ‘Channels‘ section use the search bar and search for Philo,  if you find Philo. Select it, and you will be able to start a subscription through Amazon. This will be a separate charge in addition to your Prime subscription.

5. Start Watching: After you subscribe to Philo, you can watch it directly through the Amazon Prime Video app. You’ll have access to all of Philo’s channels and content as part of your Prime Video experience.

So, my dear by following these steps, you can easily enjoy Philo’s content alongside your Amazon Prime Video library, providing a seamless viewing experience.

How to Get Philo on Amazon Firestick

Getting Started

Before you begin, make sure your Amazon Firestick is properly set up. It should be plugged into your TV’s HDMI port and connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Installing Philo on Amazon Firestick

1. Navigate to the Home Screen

  • Turn on your TV and Firestick.
  • Once your Firestick boots up, you’ll be on the home screen.

2. Access the Search Function

  • On the home screen, you’ll see a menu at the top. Use your Firestick remote to navigate to the magnifying glass icon on the far left of this menu to access the search function.

3. Search for Philo

  • With the virtual keyboard that appears on the screen, type in “Philo.”
  • As you type, suggestions will appear below the keyboard. When you see “Philo” appear in the list below, navigate to it and select it.

4. Select the Philo App

  • You’ll be directed to a results page where you should see the Philo app listed.
  • Use your remote to highlight the Philo app. It should have an icon with the Philo logo.

5. Download the Philo App

  • With the Philo app selected, you’ll be given the option to download it. There will be a button that says “Download,” “Get,” or it might have a download icon, depending on your Firestick version.
  • Click on this button to start the download. Your Firestick will then download and install the Philo app.

6. Wait for the Installation to Complete

  • Once you click the download button, you’ll see a progress bar indicating the app is downloading. The app is relatively small, so it shouldn’t take too long to install, depending on your internet speed.

7. Open the Philo App

  • After the app is installed, the download button will change to an “Open” button.
  • Select “Open” to launch Philo for the first time.

8. Sign In or Sign Up

  • If you already have a Philo account, you can sign in with your account details (email and password).
  • If you’re new to Philo, you’ll need to create an account. You can often do this directly through the app or by visiting the Philo website from any web browser. Philo usually offers a free trial period for new subscribers.

9. Start Streaming

  • Once you’re signed in, you can browse the available channels and content on Philo.
  • Select a program to start streaming on your Firestick.

Tips for Using Philo on Firestick

1. Accessing Philo Later: After the initial setup, you can access Philo from your Firestick’s home screen by scrolling to “Your Apps & Channels” section.

2. Updating the App: To ensure the best performance, keep your Philo app updated. Updates usually happen automatically, but you can also check for updates manually through the app settings on your Firestick.

3. Navigating the App: The Philo app interface is designed to be user-friendly. You can navigate through live TV, saved shows, and on-demand content using your Firestick remote.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to enjoy Philo’s streaming service on your Amazon Firestick. Enjoy watching your favorite shows and channels!

The Bottom Line

In the end, Philo is not a free add-on or included service with an Amazon Prime subscription. Philo is a standalone live TV streaming platform that requires its own separate monthly subscription, regardless of whether you have an Amazon Prime account or not.

However, you can still conveniently access and manage your Philo subscription through your Amazon account, making it easy to use the service on various Amazon devices. But the Philo subscription cost will be an additional expense on top of your Amazon Prime membership.

So, if you’re interested in using Philo, be prepared to sign up and pay for the Philo service independently, even if you’re an Amazon Prime member. Understanding this distinction will help you make the best decision for your streaming needs and budget.

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